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June 8, 2010

Sorry to those who are waiting for Rensuke’s blog!
I’m aware that I’m really, really behind but I’ve been flooded with stuff to do, be it school, real life, translating Tsuki no Koibito (the usual translator for it was too busy for the past two weeks), etc…

However, it should all get better in a couple of days, so this is just a little message to let you all know that I haven’t dropped it and will do my best to translate in a timely manner when things get better.

Thank you for bearing with me <3


Hazuki Rensuke #24 – Water strider

May 25, 2010

Water strider
May 25, 2010     23:44:00

To all of you, thanks for your hard work during today

We got out of the studio and were on location until just now~

A-a-actually, there…… I finally co-stared with a real water strider~

Surely, somewhere in episode 4 such a Scene [1] will be shown so look forward to it


[1] In English in the text

Hazuki Rensuke #23 – The president’s office!

May 25, 2010
The president’s office!
May 25, 2010     12:39:00

Today, it’s Regolith’s president’s office  & meeting room 
In the story, Regolith has a delicate and weird athmosphere but…… on set there are quite many smiles 

(If it wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be able to do it )
And, the set that the staff members are being careful about up to the details is something that I can indeed be proud of 
Really, for the easy to work in environment…… I’m grateful 

Hazuki Rensuke #22 – We’ll continue~

May 24, 2010

To those subscribed by email, sorry for the spam :)
But I have finally caught up :D!
Edit: A bunch of people have been asking me the link to Rensuke’s blog so here it is! Be careful to read it now though, it might get deleted once the drama is over.

We’ll continue~
May 24, 2010     22:36:00

Episode 3
How did you like it~?

Unfortunately, I was filming in the studio so I couldn’t properly watch it~
(I want to see it fast~ )
And, our Moon Lovers Team [1] went to film on location
It doesn’t seem like it’ll end soon but, since it’s a fun set, I’m living it fully

We’ll, I’ll be going


[1] In English in the text

Hazuki Resuke #21 – Episode 3!

May 24, 2010

Episode 3!
May 24, 2010     10:39:00

The rain continues to fall today, and finally, episode 3……

I’m really excited to see how Director Hirano has finished it

I’ll be using up all of yesterday’s tempura power on set today

Everyone, too, don’t lose to the heavy rain a spend today carefully

Well, I’ll be going


Hazuki Rensuke #20 – Tempura… tempura… tempura!!

May 24, 2010

Tempura… tempura… tempura!!
May 23, 2010     19:26:00

How are you spending this rainy Sunday~? 

Over here, I went to a tempura restaurant with Maemi for filming~ 

When I read the script, surely not……… that I’d have to eat 21 pieces of tempura…… 

And then I ate another 11 pieces of shrimp tempura
As well as 10 shiitake
After that….. I’m thinking it would be just right if I ate oroshi soba [1]~ 

That’s all, until the report 

[1] I’m not 100% sure but I think oroshi soba would be one of the cold kinds.

Hazuki Rensuke #19 – Bed hair (sweat!)

May 24, 2010

Bed hair (sweat!)
May 23, 2010     11:10:00


I don’t know if it’s the fault of the sudden rain but, this morning is quite humid

And, I had a surprise when I woke up

My hair was like that of a visual kei band……

I’ll quickly take a Shower [1] and get into the filming mode

Hu~m, but will today’s schedule progress properly or not…I’m a little worried

Regardless, tomorrow is episode 3

I’m quite looking forward to how it will turn out


[1] In English in the text.